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ACS CCN1 & APPLIANCE  Full ACS Revision With British Standards & Downloads

ACS CCN1 & APPLIANCE Full ACS Revision With British Standards & Downloads

Suitable for All Initial Gas and Re-Assessment Engineers undertaking their ACS Gas Assessments 

This product is available immediately online with downloads, and includes extensive revision for both practical and theory acs assessments, CCN1, CEN1, WAT1, CPA1, HTR1, CKR1, MET1. This Massive ACS Revision Pack includes timed live revision test papers on all the acs subjects in multiple choice format. This full revision pack has a total of 9 real to life ACS Mock CCN1 Exams and over 1000 revision test questions. Thr Full acs revision and test program includes extensive additional video and pictorial footage to assist you pass your practical assessments, and benefits from additional role playing gas safety isnpections, an advanced closed book revision pack for gas controls and TUTOR SUPPORT from real acs assessors who are available to answer any questions you have about your acs gas as hours of practical coverage in picture and video format to assist you build confidence in preparation for your practical acs assessments. MORE IMPORTANTLY you get access to 18 British Standards which are relevant to your acs assessments to practice your mock exams by referring to the British Standards, just like in centre.

You Can retake exams as often as you wish 

This product is best supported by your field guide such as the corgi essential gas safety manual when answering the test and acs revision questions. Otherwise we recommend purchasing the British Standards Full Revisor Option.  

You Can Chat with one of our Real Gas Assessors

The following subjects are covered:

Practical: Gas Characteristics, Combustion, Emergency Procedures, Gas Rates, Gas Pressures, Ventailation, Measuring Vents, Gas Escapes, Combustion Characteristics, Fluing and Chimney Standards, Pipework Installation and Faults, Gas Tightness Testing, Pipework Sizing, Gas Controls, Combustion Performance CPA1, Medium Pressure Meters, CEN1, WAT1, HTR1, CKR1, MET1, CCN1, Flue and Appliance Testing

Access to 18 British Standards for Gas Safety 

Theory: Health and Safety at Work, Gas Legilstaltion, Gas EMergency Actions and Procedures, Applying legislation on site, Characteristrics of combustion, Ventilation Requirements, Installation of Pipework and Fittings, Testing for Gas Tightness, Checking and setting gas regulators, Gas Industry Unsafe SItuations Procedures, Meter Installation, Emergency Conrtols, Isolation Valves, Burner Pressures, Gas Reates, Heat Input,  Gas Appliance Safety Devices and Controls, Flue Standards, Flue Testing, Re-Establishing Gas Supplies and Relighting Appliances, Gas Appliances CEN1, WAT1, HTR1, CKR1, MET1

You Get our Gas Engineer Support Wizard Included Free of Charge (Worth £106) 

Access: After Purchase you will get access to our college training server where you can access the revision material and start revising today. The setup time is usually within 2 hours of purchase 

Tel: 01843 830245  0r Tel: 0800 1185928 

Email any questions to:  admin@uk-gas-training.co.uk 

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Our Price: £156.00

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